Learning Enrichment Support

The Learning Enrichment team at Nazareth College consists of the Teacher Co-ordinator and Learning Enrichment Officers who specialize in recognising and valuing individual differences of students and the variation of learning styles which exist. We have a commitment to support all students to be successful learners and assist them to reach their individual potential.

The Learning Enrichment team share an integral role in assisting the general teaching staff to identify specific learning goals for the student through appropriate individualized assessment. As a whole-team focus we then develop Individual Learning Plans which provide specific strategies in the learning situation to assist the student to achieve these goals. Adaptation of tasks or modification of assessments is implemented, where needed, to ensure that the student can experience success and demonstrate a mastery of skills and concepts at their level of understanding.

Teachers and Learning Enrichment Officers provide assistance both in the classroom, small group and individual situations to ensure an inclusive, supportive and effective learning environment in which students are able to increase competency or consolidate basic understandings. Assistance outside the classroom is also offered, where students are able to access the Enrichment staff and experience small group and individualised attention when working during study periods or after school, as requested.

The Learning Area of Learning Enrichment works closely with parents to develop a partnership to assist in their child’s education. Together we develop an understanding of the student’s specific learning and emotional needs and work together as a team to ensure the best academic and interpersonal outcomes.

The Learning Enrichment Area is supported and guided by a number of professionals and agencies such as Speech Pathologists, School Psychologists and Counsellors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Visiting Teachers from Catholic Education Melbourne. With the collaboration of these support services we consider the needs of the students and are able to make current, ongoing and informed decisions about the best possible support structures and learning opportunities for our students.

To promote independence as learners, a differentiated curriculum across subject areas aims to challenge each student to achieve their optimal learning outcomes. The Learning Enrichment and teaching staff incorporates a variety of teaching styles and methods within the classroom, which is designed to develop a firm grasp of core concepts and skills for each unit of study. Consolidation and extension activities are available for students with the aptitude and capability required to undertake further challenges. The Learning Enrichment team support these students to strive to achieve their personal optimal learning outcomes.