Nazareth College has a dedicated Pathways Co-ordinator to guide students through their education options, both during and after their time at the College, and help them find their path in life. Contact the Pathways Co-ordinator via email:

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is the certificate that the majority of students in Victoria receive on satisfactory completion of their secondary education. The VCE provides diverse pathways to further study or training at university or TAFE and to employment. The College offers VCE subjects to Year 11, 12, and select Year 10 students in a wide variety of subject areas.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

The College offers a number of opportunities for students to undertake VET courses as part of their study program. Nazareth offers VET courses in many different fields of study in Years 10 -12.

Benefits of VET:

  • Provide credits for both VCE and VCAL courses
  • TAFE Certificates
  • Commence TAFE training in areas such as trade pre-apprenticeship courses while still in school
  • Experience applied learning in an adult learning environment

VET courses are offered to senior students in a range of fields including Music Industry, Building and Construction, Business, Electrotechnology, Hospitality, Hair and Beauty, Multimedia, Sport and Recreation, Event Management and Community Services. These are provided at various RTO’s including Chisholm Institute, Holmesglen and Swinburne.

We are fortunate to partner with four other local schools in the DREAM Trade Training Centre at Chisholm Institute in Dandenong. This $7.5 million modern facility delivers a range of trades courses including “taster” programs to interested students. Some of the most popular programs offered at the centre are taster courses for Year 9 and 10 students in Term 2 and Term 3. These courses run every Monday afternoon for six weeks allowing students to experience learning in a particular trade.

VET Music Industry Performance Certificate III

VET Nazareth College is proud to run the VET Music Industry Performance course here at the College in our state of art Performing Arts building. Certificate III in Music Performance is offered to students both at the College and from other local schools and is taught by our staff who have undertaken Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. This has added a different dimension to our Music program and to our VET offerings.

This program offers eligible Year 11 and 12 students interested in music the opportunity to develop their musicianship and stagecraft skills in a dedicated performance auditorium. Students learn to present concerts using lighting and sound and how to develop their stage persona with the aim of delivering effective performances. Weekly classes focus on developing knowledge and skills so that students can perform with confidence at a wide array of internal and external public concerts. This class caters for students wishing to perform in any musical style and a range of skill levels.

Applicants need to have a strong interest in developing their skills on a particular instrument (including voice) and are encouraged to explore their creative inclinations in both group and/or solo performance.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

The College offers a recognised alternative to a VCE in the VCAL program. Students in Years 11 and 12 who are not interested in pursuing a University pathway are often attracted to this course. This dynamic program has been recognised by the State Government for its innovation and strong community links.

The features of the program are:-

  • A school based program for three days a week made up of Literacy, Numeracy and Personal Development units as well as project based technology course
  • One day a week is spent studying a TAFE based VET course in an area of interest
  • One day a week is spent working for an employer in that area of interest

The emphasis of the VCAL course is on the development of work related skills and the building of confidence and self esteem. There are many opportunities for community service and students learn mainly through practical experience rather than through time in the classroom. The course is ideal for students who learn best in this type of environment. Graduates of the course either go onto further study at TAFE level or enter the workforce.


The College understands the importance of supporting students in the development of their career plans as they move towards the completion of their secondary schooling. We aim to achieve this by starting to familiarise students from Year 9 on as to the broad education options they will have open to them, and the level of support increases as students’ move on to the senior school. Some examples of what is offered to students include:-

  • The employment of a qualified Careers Counsellor who provides advice to all senior students about future pathways and course selections in groups and on a one to one basis
  • Providing vital information to students through briefings, careers activities, a fortnightly careers publication and excursions to universities and trade days
  • Guest speakers from outside the College including tertiary institutions and other education providers
  • Assistance with applying for further education or training and post school options.