Taster Days at Nazareth

Taster Days at Nazareth College

Taster Days are a great way for Grade 4, 5 and 6 Students to experience what Secondary School is like, learn how to use a timetable for the first time, meet new friends and gain confidence in taking the next step into secondary school transition.

This year, we are running Taster Days via open registration as well as via hosting participating local Primary Schools.
There is no price to attend and is open for any Grade 4, 5 or 6 Primary School Student to join in!

What’s on offer?
Students will participate in 3 Activities ranging from sport, science, art, technology, performing arts and much more!
Parents are invited to Tour the College and join us for Morning Tea until 11.00am

What should I bring?
Bring your Lunch and water bottle along for the day! Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and runners for Sports activities!

Feeling a bit nervous?
Attending a Taster Day is a wonderful way to settle any nerves students may be feeling about the transition from primary to secondary school. We encourage students to bring a buddy and enjoy the fun!

How can I apply?
Register your interest for future Taster Days by contacting enrol@nazareth.vic.edu.au

2024 Open Schools Taster Day 
Please note we run Taster Days for Grade 5s from local feeder schools in our area and parish. 
If you are from one of these schools, please wait to hear about your school coming to us.
If you are from a different school or out of the local area, our Open Taster Day is for you. 

At the moment we have scheduled this for May 2, 2024.  You can pre-register below. 


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