Taster Days at Nazareth

Taster Days 2023

Taster Days are a great way for Grade 5 Students to experience what Secondary School is like, use a timetable for the first time, meet new friends and gain confidence in taking the next step into the transition to secondary school. 

Due to current COVID-19 limitations, Taster Days are currently being opperated by hosting year levels from participating Primary Schools. We look forward to opening registrations up to the public later in the year. 

Term 1 – March  &  Term 3 – September

What’s on offer?
3 Activities ranging from sport, science, art, technology, performing arts and much more!

Feeling a bit nervous?
Attending a Taster Day is a wonderful way to settle any nerves students may be feeling about the transition from primary to secondary school. We encourage students to bring a buddy and enjoy the fun!

Who do I contact to express interest?
Email the development office at enrol@nazareth.vic.edu.au or click the button below.

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