How Do I Enrol My Child?

What Subjects are offered at Nazareth?

At Nazareth, we are proud to provide a broad curriculum. We offer an individualised approach to education, encompassing accelerated, vocational and diverse learning.

To learn more about our curriculum, learning programs and extracurricular offerings please view the guides below.

What Languages are taught at Nazareth? Are they mandatory?

We offer Japanese and Italian and Chinese as a first language. Japanese and Italian are core subjects from year 7 to 9.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend Nazareth?

Nazareth College was founded to offer a Catholic education to the students from the feeder Parishes. As we have grown, we have welcomed students from a range of faiths.

What is the enrolment timeline?


  • 18 August 2023  Applications close


  • October 2023 Letters of Offer sent


  • November 2023 

What are the selection criteria for enrolment?

What if my child is the only one coming from their primary school?

We have many students who begin with us every year in the same boat. There are numerous opportunities where students get to meet fellow students and forge friendships before their commencement date. These include:

  • Parent Information Evening – incorporates activities for student connection.
  • Orientation Day – provides students with the opportunity to get to know their peers that they will be in a class group with.
  • The PAT Testing Morning – allows students to reconnect with each other after Orientation Day.
  • Transition Days – at the beginning of the year where students forge connections.
  • Fabulous February – a program that aims to assist students in creating relationships within the Nazareth community.

What is the Vertical Pastoral Structure at Nazareth?

Students from years 7-12 are assigned into pastoral groups whereby they meet each morning for homeroom. Students remain in the same pastoral groups with the same pastoral teacher throughout their time at Nazareth College. This fostered supportive and connected sub-communities within the college and allows the pastoral teacher to foster a relationship with each student and monitor their academic progress as well as mental wellbeing.

What is are the class sizes at Nazareth?

Class size varies from year to year and subject to subject. At Nazareth, we aim to keep class sizes between 20 and 25 students per class.

Does Nazareth offer Scholarships?

Is there a bus in my area?

What is the gender balance at Nazareth?

The balance varies from year to year however, 2023 Year 7 is a 50/50 balance.

School Fees?

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