Every student at Nazareth College is a member of a specific House. Many of our activities and competitions are based on these Houses. Click each House name to see a brief background.

Colour: Gold

Motto: “Nothing can stop your destiny” – Romans 8:31

Charity: The Caroline Chisholm Society

Patron: No person did more to assist and protect migrants in 19th Century Australia than Caroline Chisholm. In 1848 in England she founded the Family Colonisation Loan Society to assist the poor to emigrate as families. In Australia she travelled widely in the bush and personally settled 11,000 people in towns and farms. Her portrait on the original $5.00 note commemorates her outstanding life of service to others.

Mascot: Chisholm Lions 

Symbolism:  Strength, authority, sound judgement, balance, courage and justice.

2024 Head of House: Mr Sam Indge

2024 House Captains:  Lucas C & Kalid G 


Colour: Purple

Motto: “Per Nobis, Opus Dei; through us God’s work”

Charity: Melbourne Overseas Mission

Patron: James Knox was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1914 and was ordained a priest in 1941. He placed a very strong emphasis on study and was awarded Doctorates in Theology and Canon Law. He travelled extensively to assist communities in need and at all times worked in accordance with the teachings of Mother Teresa. In 1967 he was appointed Archbishop of Melbourne and again placed his focus on education.

He established the Institute of Catholic Education, which grew into the Australian Catholic University, that now has campuses across Australia. He identified people with gifts and talents with whom to work, giving them responsibility, trust and support. James Robert Knox was appointed Cardinal in 1973 and died in 1983.

Mascot: Knox Knights

Symbolism: Defender of the faith, strong, righteous, noble and honourable

2024 Head of House: Mr Rod Diaz

2024 House Captains:  Kenzel T and Nyudong L

Colour: Red

Motto: “Never see a need without doing something about it”

Charity: Mary MacKillop Foundation

Patron: Blessed Mary MacKillop was beatified in January 1995, and was an outstanding religious woman of the 19th Century. In 1866 she founded the teaching order of St Joseph. Throughout her life she struggled with both Church and State authorities to build up her order and its schools. A measure of her success can be seen in the fact that when she died in 1909 her order had nearly one thousand members having started its teaching mission in a disused stable forty three years earlier.

Mascot: MacKillop Dragons

Symbolism: Good fortune, self-confidence, courage, intelligence, strength and power

2024 Head of House: Mr Joshua Cowan

2024 House Captains:  Julie H and Shaun T 

Colour: Blue

Motto: with God all things are possible” – Matthew 19:26

Charity: St Vincent de Paul Society

Patron: James McAuley was born at Lakemba, NSW, in 1917. He had a distinguished academic career which culminated in his appointment as Professor of English at the University of Tasmania. He was a convert to Catholicism and is best known for his poetry which was rich in religious imagery. In particular, McAuley is significant for the way in which he related religious themes to the Australian context.

Mascot: McAuley Sharks

Symbolism: Focus, self-trust, curiosity, effective, perception, power and innovation

2024 Head of House: Ms Gabriella Spano

2024 House Captains:  Emma S and Fayez S

Colour: Green

Motto: “Dare to dream”

Charity: Melbourne Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office

Patron: Daniel Mannix was Archbishop of Melbourne for half a century from 1912-1962. This outstanding churchman had been president of Ireland’s National Seminary before his arrival in Australia and he became a popular and dynamic leader of Australian Catholics who, until World War II, were mainly Irish in origin. Mannix was a tireless fighter for the rights and for the funding of Catholic schools. When Mannix added the spires of St Patrick’s Cathedral the Irish Government presented him with a Celtic cross which can be seen at the top of the central spire.

Mascot: Mannix Warriors

Symbolism: Bravery, justice, patriotism and strength

2024 Head of House: Ms Antigone Kappas

2024 House Captains:  Krystal L and Lisa V

Colour: White

Motto: “Everyday is a gift, strive to achieve great things”

Charity: PLAN

Patron: Irene McCormack was born in Western Australia in 1938. She believed in the power of education and in 1956 joined the teaching order of the Sisters of St Joseph, spending the next 30 years teaching in rural and poor areas. In 1987 she moved to Peru to carry out the work of service to the poor.

She strengthened communities by identifying leaders from within those communities who could encourage others. In 1991 Irene McCormack was shot dead by terrorists who did not want her work of strengthening communities to continue. Irene McCormack is predicted to be Australia’s second saint, in recognition of her wonderful work in education and in supporting the poor and needy.

Mascot: McCormack White Tigers

Symbolism: Power, strength, courage, willpower, morality and justice

2024 Head of House: Ms Hayley McMillan

2024 House Captains:  Georgia S, Isabella S & Kohulan Y


The Nazareth College crest was developed following extensive consultation and was commissioned by Mr Paul D’Astoli, the inaugural Principal of Nazareth College, and designed, as we know it today, by Mr Don LaFontaine in 1989.

The crest symbolizes our unity as a pioneering group. It consists of three interrelated motifs.

  • The Cross symbolises our Faith. It is a Jerusalem cross chosen because the city of Jerusalem is very close to Nazareth and these two towns played an important role in Jesus’ life.
  • The Book is a symbol of the Knowledge and Wisdom that the students of Nazareth will attain.
  • The Path symbolizes our journey through life along which we gather Knowledge and Wisdom, leading us toward a greater understanding of our Faith.

The College colours of red, blue, white and gold are significant in that they represent values and teachings it is hoped students from Nazareth College will attain in their years with us.

  • Blue symbolises truth, constancy and fidelity. Appropriately, blue is also Mary’s colour.
  • Red is the colour of love, action and suffering. It is also the colour representative of the Holy Spirit.
  • White represents purity, joy, integrity and humility.
  • Gold symbolises the sun, or light, representing wisdom.

College Prayer

Holy Family of Nazareth, be our inspiration and our guide..

Jesus of Nazareth, help us to grow in faith, wisdom and knowledge.

College Song

Based on our motto of Faith, Wisdom, Knowledge.

by Deirdre Brown ibvm Dec 1994


1.Founded in faith and hope

Founded in love and trust

Nazareth is our school

And we are proud to belong

Open to seek new ways

Open to find new paths

Nothing can stop us

As we strive to reach our goals


 2.Building from strength to strength

Caring for all in need

Nazareth is our school

And we are proud to belong

Ready to give our best

Ready to take the lead

Nothing can stop us

As we strive to reach our goals

Ref.With faith to keep on believing

With knowledge to show the way

With wisdom to be discerning

The future we seek is ours today

So sing out your song Nazareth

Sing of God, sing of love

Sing out your song Nazareth

Together, together share the dream






Daring to be ourselves

Daring to stand for truth

Nazareth is our school

And we are proud to belong

Willing to share our gifts

Willing to work as one

Nothing can stop us

As we strive to reach our goals



College History

Established 10 February 1986 to provide Catholic education to students in local Catholic primary schools, Nazareth College now boasts highly successful local and International Education programs.

The College first opened its doors with only 6 portables, 11 staff members and 140 Year 7 students and our numbers have grown from there. Over the years the College has built many new facilities which aide in the innovative learning experience students have during their time at Nazareth College. By 1991, Nazareth College welcomed a full school cohort ranging from Years 7 to 12.

Priority Parishes & Primary Schools

Nazareth College has strong relationships with its parish schools and students from our primary feeder parishes, who together with students from over forty differing local primary schools, have many opportunities to engage in musical, social, academic and sporting events at Nazareth.

Priority Feeder Parishes
St Anthony’s (Noble Park)
St Elizabeth’s (Noble Park North)
St Gerard’s (North Dandenong)
St John Vianney’s (Mulgrave)
St Joseph’s (Springvale)
St Justin’s (Wheelers Hill)
St Mark’s (Dingley)
St Simon’s (Rowville)
Resurrection (Keysborough)

School Map

Nazareth College Map 

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