Each year Nazareth College fills the calendar with a wonderful variety of concerts, performances, recitals, musical productions and dramatic performances.

Nazareth College encourages all students to take an active interest in the Performing Arts to develop confident, articulate and responsible citizens. Contemporary research into the Performing Arts, and especially music education, has consistently shown that students who participate in the Performing Arts greatly enhance their prospects in the classroom and those who study a musical instrument and work intensively in an ensemble develop stronger communication skills, higher levels of concentration, better organisation and increased social confidence. This research is telling us that the benefits of study in the Performing Arts are felt across all areas of academic achievement and educational outcomes.
The Performing Arts are an integral and vibrant part of life at Nazareth College. Our purpose built complex has the facilities and space to allow all students to explore the possibilities available through work in Drama, Dance and Music.


Drama is offered as an elective subject from Year 8 at the College. In the beginning, students look at how to create and perform different characters focusing on different expressive skills available to them as actors. In the senior years, students are further challenged by ensemble works and monologues.


Dance as a subject takes off at Year 9. Previous experience is not required; just a willingness to participate and give things a go. Of course, some students have many years of dance experience and may be given opportunities to perform outside the classroom. 

VET Dance is offered to senior students and this can be a direct pathway to having dance as a career and may be included as a VCE subject. They will develop their technical skills in two styles of dance (Jazz and Contemporary) as well as understanding the Performing Arts industry as a whole. 


In the junior years of studying classroom music, students learn about orchestral and contemporary band instruments. All students learn how they look, sound and feel; as all students are given the opportunity to trial instruments.

All year 7 students at Nazareth have free lessons on their instrument of choice.

In the middle years, students choosing classroom music have a level of competence on their chosen instrument and ensemble and performance skills are developed. 

VET Music Industry is available for students to study in their senior years and may be included as a VCE subject. Here, they learn about and develop skills used in the music industry world. Students further develop technical skills in performance and have the opportunity to perform in a group or as a soloist. 

Extra-Curricular Studies

One of the most valuable aspects of the extra-curricular performing arts program is the opportunity created for student leadership. Performing Arts Scholarship students, Music Captains and Ensemble Leaders work in collaboration with staff in the management and promotion of the variety of ensembles, concerts and musical productions throughout the school year. All College performances seek to unite the wider college community in a celebration of student achievement as a performer in Dance, Drama or Music, or backstage through makeup, sound and lighting and other technical support roles.

Instrumental Music Lessons

All students attending the college participate in classroom music in the Junior levels. However, students can choose a more comprehensive music education through the Instrumental Music Program in which they have lessons on their instrument of choice on campus. Students are encouraged to perform regularly, with several major performances as well as smaller chamber music evenings providing the opportunity for more intimate and dynamic performance experiences.

Nazareth offers individual and group lessons with highly skilled professional instrumental tutors. Tuition is offered on piano (contemporary and classical), voice, brass (trumpet, trombone, tuba), woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone), percussion (drum kit, tuned and untuned), guitar (acoustic and electric guitar, and, electric bass guitar and double bass) and stringed instruments (violin, viola and cello). Students have the option of preparing for AMEB performance exams.  

Ensemble Participation

The focus for student collaboration through ensemble work and performance is on establishing and maintaining standards of excellence. Student’s work in the college musical production is acknowledged in the community as of the highest quality.

The department provides diverse music groups and ensembles which reflect different levels and music genres. These ensembles are dynamic and cater to students’ co-curriculum needs and are accessible at all year levels. A variety of ensembles reflect classical and contemporary pursuits and cater for beginner levels such as Choir to more advanced groups. Also, an AV technical team is developed where students have the unique experience of technical Audio-Visual skill development. All ensembles participate in many liturgical and social functions, both on and off campus. 


Instrumental Lesson applications and ensemble sign up are found in SIMON.

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