eTexts and New Textbooks purchasing

The College has appointed Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd as the official supplier of eTexts, books and stationery. Campion are able to provide all items required by students and are the sole suppliers of the eText bundles. Parents, however, are free to purchase stationery and (physical) textbooks from other suppliers.

New textbooks & stationery lists are available via Campion. Click Campion’s logo to be taken directly to Nazareth College’s Booklist.
Collection dates for textbooks (physical) and stationery for the next school year are distributed to students in November of the preceding year. For more information contact either the College, or Campion.

Second hand Textbooks

Due to the use of eTexts across Years 7 -10, second-hand textbooks are mostly only relevant for Year 11 – 12 students. Second-hand textbooks may be obtained by using the services of the Sustainable School Shop. Please check the format and edition of textbooks against the provided booklist carefully.

If you have issues or questions regarding this facility, please contact the Sustainable School Shop directly on 1300 683 337 or email Nazareth College do not offer support for this service.

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