Learning Diversity

The Learning Diversity team at Nazareth College consists of the Learning Diversity Leader and Learning Support Officers who specialise in understanding the diverse learning needs of all students. We have a commitment to support all students to be successful learners and assist them to reach their individual potential by understanding their learning needs through a personalised learning and support approach. The Learning Diversity Leader provides advice and support to teachers in their delivery of inclusive learning programs across the school.

At Nazareth College, teachers plan for, deliver and assess students so that all students are able to consolidate their learning and increase competencies in an inclusive, supportive and effective manner. While all students’ learning needs are understood by teachers through appropriate individualised assessment, it is recognised that some students will require higher levels of monitoring throughout the school year to ensure learning growth. Teachers use personalised learning plans to identify specific learning goals for some students and indicate the relevant adjustments and strategies they will bring to their teaching and classroom activities to support these students to realise their personal learning goals. Adjustments to learning activities and modifications to assessment tasks are designed by teachers and implemented with the support of the Learning Diversity team. The Learning Diversity team collaborate with teachers to deliver and apply individualised adjustments and strategies at the whole class, small group and individual levels.

The Learning Diversity team can provide intensive assistance outside the classroom, through small group and individual situations as required to support students’ individual learning and assessment needs.

The Learning Diversity team works closely with parents to foster a working  relationship with the school that optimises student wellbeing and personal development. The Learning Diversity team is also supported and guided by a number of professionals and agencies such the school psychologist, specialist education consultants for disability from Catholic Education Melbourne, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists as well as other community based support organisations. With the collaboration of these support services we make current, ongoing and informed decisions about the best possible support structures and learning opportunities for our students.

The Learning Diversity team support teachers through the application of learning strategies, adjustments and modifications that enable all students to achieve success.

A differentiated curriculum across all subject areas paired with a comprehensive support program at Nazareth College promotes student independence and challenges each student to optimise their learning by understanding and supporting every students’ learning journey.

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