Extension, Acceleration and Enrichment

Understanding and meeting the unique educational needs of gifted students is a priority at Nazareth College. We employ three key strategies—academic acceleration, extension, and enrichment—to provide a tailored and enriching learning experience for our students.



Acceleration involves propelling students through the curriculum at a faster pace than their peers. At Nazareth College, Laurel students admitted to the Laurel Science program have the opportunity to complete Year 7 to 10 Science in just three years. This not only broadens their academic horizons but also opens up a range of options for their senior years, including the possibility of undertaking additional VCE Units in Year 10. 

Additionally, outstanding Year 9 students may be invited to accelerate into a VCE Unit 1 and 2 subject in Year 10, based on an average of 80% or above in Semester One of Year 9 across subjects.


Extension involves offering additional learning opportunities within the existing curriculum. Our Learning Awareness Program for English and Maths in Year 7, 8, and 9 incorporates the Knowledge stream to provide extension opportunities.

Prior to each unit of work, students engage in a Learning Conversation with their teachers to tailor their learning experience. High-achieving students are encouraged to choose the Knowledge Stream, which involves more challenging assignments, projects, and tasks that stimulate higher-level thinking skills.


Enrichment is about expanding learning beyond the standard curriculum, allowing students to delve deeper into their interests and passions. At Nazareth College, we offer a variety of enrichment opportunities, including participation in clubs such as the Robotics Club, Lego Club, and Digital Art Club. Our students can also engage in competitions like the Science Talent Search, Westpac Maths Competition, and Reading Challenge, providing avenues to explore and showcase their talents. Enrichment activities are optional, allowing students to choose those that align with their individual interests.

At the core of our educational philosophy is the holistic development of each student. We believe in fostering growth across religious, physical, cognitive, emotional, and social domains (Catholic Education Melbourne, 2016). Our commitment to extension, acceleration, and enrichment programs reflects our dedication to ensuring the flourishing of high-achieving students at Nazareth College.
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