Resource Centre

The Resource Centre website, NazRC, is a rich source of study resources. Students can find help with research, referencing, current assignments, essay writing and much more.

The Resource Centre is the dynamic centre of learning in the college. It is the gateway to the College Library, the ICT Help Desk Team, Learning Support and the International Centre.

The library staff supports teaching and learning using technology rich and traditional resources in an environment which has been developed to be innovative and responsive to the needs of our users, allowing for a multiplicity of learning styles and outcomes.

We recognise the needs of our students to develop:

  • research skills to flourish in a constantly changing world
  • continuously as lifelong learners
  • connectedness to their school and community
  • an awareness and understanding of their individual learning styles
  • a passion for reading and its place in our past and our future

The library provides a variety of classroom and study spaces for large and small groups to read and research collaboratively and individually. These include

  • Silent Study
  • Collaborative study
  • Reading Lounge
  • Private Study Wings
  • 3 Flexible Classroom spaces with a variety of  technology resources, including collaborative booths
  • Separate classroom with interactive whiteboard.

The ICT Help Desk is staffed by technicians who, along with the library staff team, assist college members in a welcoming and learner friendly environment, supported by our student Resource Centre Ambassadors.

Our Homework Centre at Nazareth College offers a supported learning environment where students can seek assistance from staff and peers in subject areas including English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Technology.
The Homework Centre runs every Thursday from 3:30 -5:30pm in the Resource Centre.
This free service is available to all Nazareth College students (and their siblings by arrangement with the Centre Homework Co-ordinator).
Workshops and information sessions, designed to assist parents and guardians to support their children’s particular learning needs will be advertised throughout the year.
Don’t miss out on this valuable and free service.
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