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Our BYOD and desktop learning technologies are integrated with 1:1 Learning Technologies at all Year levels with personal digital devices as a key learning tool.

A recent external review of IT infrastructure provided a clear plan for our revitalised wireless “always connected” environment, and staff professional learning is heavily focussed on the best ways to utilise the 1:1 Learning Technologies environment.

All Nazareth College students are required to have a personal digital device, such as a tablet or laptop, as part of our 1:1 Learning Technologies strategy.

As part of our commitment to parents, we provide a list of answers to a number of questions that you may have about the Learning Technologies at Nazareth College. This list is regularly updated and can be accessed here. As more questions arise we will continue to add to this document and make it available to parents via PAM.

Of greatest note, the final page of the FAQ includes the list of compulsory Free Apps that Year 7-11 students must download to their device. It is expected that all students will already have these Apps on their device before their first classes at the start of the school year.

An additional document is the ‘Nazareth College Student Digital Learning Devices User Agreement’.This Agreement contains detailed advice about appropriate uses of digital learning technologies, including guidelines for student responsibilities. Parents and guardians are asked to please read through this Agreement carefully with your child, and to discuss its content carefully. In order to maintain access to the Nazareth College network, wireless and resources, both students and parent(s)/Guardian(s) are asked to please print out and sign the final page of the User Agreement and return this to your child’s Pastoral Teacher by the start of each school year.

AirWatch is also used to distribute the paid Apps that will be provided through the College. We encourage all parents to enrol as quickly as possible to ensure Apps are downloaded as soon as they are available and ready for the first classes.

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