Eye to Eye for Ben fundraising results

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We are so proud of the combined efforts from our Nazareth College VCAL students, College community and families.

Our students had the goal to fundraise a minimum of $5,001 for Ben Thompson’s Permobil f5 Stand Up Wheelchair.

Ben Thompson is a friend of VCAL students and staff, through SCOPE’s Southern Balloon Football and Inclusive Netball Competitions. Ben is a local resident who has worked tirelessly to recover from a ‘one punch attack’ that caused his catastrophic brain injury 10-years ago.

Ben’s loss of independence, employment, speech, friendships and mobility captured the hearts of the Nazareth VCAL staff and students. Despite Ben’s terrible experiences and prognosis as a ‘Slow to Recover’ patient, he spoke of his acceptance of the changes in his life and forgiveness of the young man who threw the ‘coward’s punch’ that knocked him senseless to the ground, fracturing his skull.

How the Permobil will benefit Ben’s future
Ben has been supported by a fantastic team of medical professionals and his family

Being able to stand will allow Ben’s muscles and bones to strengthen and his lungs to expand. His speech will also improve with upright posture. Standing will relieve Ben’s organs which have been restricted by limited space and little freedom to move.

Ben will be able to make choices about mobility and doing things that require standing which we take for granted

Review of the ‘Eye to Eye with Ben’ Campaign

The Nazareth Community has shown tremendous support of the enthusiastic and goal driven VCAL students.

Families, staff and students, without your help, the target $$$ would never have been possible.

The College is proud to be able to contribute to the following raised funds:
Nazareth on property fundraising: $5395.00
Nazareth Community on gofundme.com page: $955.00
Additional sponsorship in support of Nazareth by Trident Computer Service: $5190.00
Nazareth College Campaign Total: $11,540.

Ben’s gofundme.com campaign continues and can be supported by visiting: https://www.gofundme.com/bens-standup-wheelchair

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