Staff Learning

Nazareth staff members engage in a wide variety of professional learning to guide their work and to ensure their ongoing knowledge and skill development.

Currently, staff members are engaged in school-based learning programs, programs offered through outside providers and postgraduate degrees in educational leadership.

Teacher professional learning is highly valued, as such, there are many ways in which the College plans opportunities for teacher professional development, both on- and off-campus, utilising both internal and external expertise.

Whole Staff Professional Learning Days

Each year, the College allocates a specific day in Terms 1, 2 and 3 for whole staff professional learning.  Usually, each of the three days is focussed primarily on one of the different aspects of teaching: Teaching & Learning, Student Welfare, and Staff Formation.

  • Learning Teams

Learning Area Leaders are members of one of three teams, the Student Growth Team, the Curriculum Differentiation Team and the Student Engagement Team. These teams undertake professional learning and then present their learnings to the rest of the teaching staff.

Professional Learning Community meetings

As of 2020, all teaching staff are members of a Professional Learning Community. These teams meet together at least two afternoons each semester to plan Action Research and then to share findings.

Learning Area Meetings

While Learning Area Meetings undertake some administrative functions, the focus is on collegial collaboration and they provide many similar opportunities for sharing of internal and external expertise as the PLCs.

Targeted PD afternoons

As part of the regular meetings schedule each Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, there are usually 10 or more meetings that are focussed on provision of internal or external expertise.

Individual staff – ARM

All staff members participate each year in an Annual Review Meeting (ARM). This involves review of staff professional learning as well as identifying needs for future professional learning. These then inform the identification of professional learning opportunities both offered to and to be sought by the individual staff member.

Professional Learning for Non-teaching Staff

In 2020, non-teaching staff have listed Professional Learning goals. A Professional Learning morning focusing on customer service has been provide so far.
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