Nazareth Alumni – Caroline Murray

Caroline (Mariano) Murray

I have come full circle at Nazareth College. It all started on the 10th February 1986 when I walked down the long gravel driveway to begin year 7. When my cohort started it was only year 7’s and as the years went on another year got added. How lucky were we to always be the oldest in the school! It’s an experience like no other, we were the pioneers! On the first day of school I met Debbie Aberneithie, her mum was a substitute teacher at my primary, (St. Elizabeths) and she introduced us. We have been friends ever since, still catching up when Dan Andrews allows it!

Remembering my time at Nazareth, I was a very quiet student that didn’t really participate much in school life, however I have more than made up for it now, as you will find out!
I did all the “nerd” subjects in year 11 and 12; Maths, Accounting, Legal Studies, but I did love art, (thanks Miss Roberts) and wood work! I have found the cassette holder I made! One for the pool room! I do have great memories of my time at the College, some being year 9 camp. We had to pitch our own tents and sleep in them for 3 nights, we did rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing and walks down some very steep hills! There also might have been some tent hopping! It was a fun camp that I still talk to my school friends about. The flybys, the sock hops with St. John’s, Nazareth day, Rock Eisteddfod, productions and of course picking up stones on the oval! We had to wait till 1989 to get a canteen and I remember the line to buy anything was huge! It was no Naz Cafe!

After I graduated in 1991, I spent time travelling, I went back to Canada and America; on my return in 1993 I studied hospitality and worked in a few cafes and eventually I worked at Sheraton Towers for 10 years, doing everything from Banquet waiter to Assistant Executive Housekeeper.
I married Adam Murray, who I met at the Sheraton, in 1998; and in 2004 I had my first child Lachlan and another baby Caitlin in 2007. I am currently working in the catholic school system as a Learning Support Officer, which has been challenging in these times. As a family we have been blessed to travel to many countries, the last being London and Europe, coming home just in time to no toilet paper and lockdown No. 1!

I walked back into Nazareth in 2017, the year Lachlan started as a year 7. I barely recognised the college, it had completely changed. This was the start of my involvement. I joined the NCPA, (Nazareth College Parents Association) which later became the NCCA (Nazareth College Community Association). I am also currently on the School Advisory Committee. I was amazed at how many of us have returned to the school as parents. It does say a lot about the College and how fortunate we were to be at a great school.

Looking back to 2015, when the search for high schools was on, I chose Nazareth College for my children for a number of reasons, the laurel program offered accelerated learning for English, Science and Maths. At the time there were single sex classes for core subjetcs and I liked that it was a small co educational school that would cater for my son and daughter. I also liked the fact that my children would be going to my high school, there was a sense of pride in that. Both my kids are enjoying their time at Nazareth, they both participate in the sports side of things, with footy, netball, basketball and volleyball. If they look really closely they can see pictures of their mum, aunties and uncle around the school!

My proudest moment at Nazareth came on the 16th September, 2021, one I will never forget; it was announced that Lachlan Murray, my son, was to be the 2022 School Captain. I am so proud and thrilled with his appointment. He, unlike me, is very involved in school life, particularly sport (doesn’t get that from me!) and leadership. His name will go down in the history of Nazareth, Lachlan Murray School Captain 2022, his mum Pioneer 1991!

Caroline Murray (Mariano) class of 1991!

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