SIS Art, Tech and Design Exhibition 2022

From the 7th – 12th November, Nazareth College participated in the Southern Independent Schools (SIS) Art, Tech and Design Exhibition.

Located in Cube 37 Frankston Arts Centre, Nazareth College showcased 36 works in this exhibition from our Year 7 – 12 Students.

Congratulations to all our students involved:

Elisha Mac

Alex Tran

Angela Toeng

Abhijot Bhinder

An Thu Le

Gisella D’Angelo

Rianah McInnes

Elvin Phaengsavath

Kavya Dimingu Withana

Luisa Nicolaci

Cayla Ho

Kallie Ngo

Estelle Dang

Joshua Tomson

Sienna Rabba

Amelia Pisimisi

Maria Milkovic

Kittina Ly

Lucas Olguin Basaldua

Victoria Kammel

Vivian Duong


Emma Sidea

Chloe Boric

Nyamal Kor

Jasmine Nguyen

Stella Mao

Teresa Joseph

Lisa Dinh

Catherine Williams

Isabella De Silva

Yasara Abeysekara

Jessica Arthur

Keira Gorgen

Mariam Kaginyam

Tianna Arcaro

Joshua Nedumthuruthil

George Browne

Edward Truong

Noah Bou Karroum

Daniel Mastromanno

Robert D’Assisi




Well Done!

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