Update from the Principal – 12 May 2020

12 May 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

Following is the latest correspondence in light of today’s State Government announcement about students returning to school. After discussions with the Nazareth Leadership Team the following will be implemented.

We have a new direction to steer towards – full face-to-face teaching as of Tuesday 9 June 2020 with lots of logistical arrangements in place. More importantly, Year 11 and Year 12, together with Year 10 students studying a VCE subject/s, will return to school 2 weeks earlier ie on Tuesday 26 May 2020.

Monday 25 May is scheduled as a ‘Transition Day’ for all Teaching and Administration staff members. On this day, staff members will have time to prepare onsite for the return of face-to-face teaching, as well as go through procedures that we propose to follow, to retain the College as a safe working environment for all to attend.

On Monday 25 May 2020, teachers will also utilise this time as Personal Preparation Time (PPT). Due to the long absences for students over this Term already, it has been decided that the scheduled Student Free Days on 5 and 19 June 2020 be cancelled and they will be ordinary school days.

Tuesday 26 May 2020 will be a Day 1, in order to have some Pastoral time in the morning for students to chat amongst themselves after a long period of absence. Being a Day 1, it will mean that school on this day will finish at 3.10pm for everyone. There will be no remote catch up time as there has been previously. School will commence at 8.55am Period 1, for the first two weeks back with VCE and Year 10 students currently studying a VCE subject.

We will not have any Pastoral periods at the commencement of each day as not all staff members will be on Campus until Tuesday 9 June 2020.
The school will be cleaned, sanitised, PPE equipment set up, wipes and cleaning products in place to ensure safety for all. Air-conditioning and heating units have, and will continue to be, cleaned and ready for the return to school.

It has been made clear that social distance measures need to be exercised. Students will have Recess and Lunchtime in a limited number of areas during the first two weeks. This will also assist us in ensuring that all staff on campus will be able to cover Yard duty areas adequately.

Year 10 students who come to school for a VCE class will obviously remain here for the day and will work in the C1 block, together with the small numbers of students who have been working at school during the remote learning period. Staff members who teach VCE, and other year levels, will be expected to do their remote learning from school.

VCE classes will be taught face-to-face only, so it is imperative that all VCE and VCAL students are present for their classes. Teachers who teach Yr 7-10 students will be invited to come into school or continue to teach from home remotely.

Students will be expected to be in full winter uniform and make their own way to school. Café Naz will reopen from Tuesday 26 May 2020 for students to purchase their snacks/lunch. The full school bus service will not commence until Tuesday 9 June 2020.

I ask parents/guardians who are driving their child to school, to continue to follow our normal drop off protocols and not get out of your vehicles to socialise.

If any new things come to light we will bring these to your attention in the next Community Update.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Sam Cosentino



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